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Play Blu-ray with multi-track MP4 on Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod & Apple TV)

This article tell you how to watch Blu-ray movies on Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod & Apple TV) in multi-track MP4 format so you can switch to the desired language during playback.
Apple Devices, like iPad, iPhone, iPod & Apple TV are becoming more and more popular, according to CNBC's All-America Economic survey, the Apple- buying household on average has a total of three Apple products. Overall, the average household has 1.6 Apple devices with almost one quarter planning to buy at least one more in the next year.

Perhaps you have many rental Blu-ray movies and was planning to watch it for enjoyment on your new Apple device. And you are so busy that you have no time to watch it. Returning date is coming soon. Then you may have the question as below:

Anyone know a way to make it possible to watch the blu-ray movie on my iPad or iPhone? Becides, I want to keep the multi-tracks of the movies, then I can enjoy it with any language by switching to the desired one.

Have you meet the same problem? To stream the blu-rays movies to your Apple device for watching without time limitantion with multiple language, you need to rip blu-ray to iPad, iPhone, iPod & Apple TV compatible mp4 format as well as multiple audio tracks saved. Below is a brief guide for you to play Blu-ray with multi-track MP4 on Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod & Apple TV).

Required Software: 

This top Blu-ray/DVD backup and coping tool can rip Blu-ray movies and DVDs to MP4 container format with multiple audio tracks and subtitles included. It could also convert Blu-ray/DVD to any video format you like. Moreover, you can edit movie by trimming, cropping, merging, etc and support adding *.srt and *.ass subtitles to BD/DVD movies.

Step by step guide to convert Blu-ray to multi-track MP4 on Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod & Apple TV)


This application can work on Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1.

The Mac version work on Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.5 above (including Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks 10.9) with 1G Hz or above Intel processor.

Step 1: Install the Blu-ray Ripper for Apple device, then load your rental blu-ray movies to the program.

Step 2: If you want to watch your rental blu-ray movies with multi-tracks, click the "Format" bar and choose the "Multi-track MP4(*.mp4)" format under "Multi-track Video" option which is designed for keeping multiple audio tracks.

Step 3: Click on "Settings" to modify video codec, resolution, frame rate, sample rate etc. Of course, different settings will have different results. And you should know, the higher video quality with bigger video size, please pay attention to your storage. You can change these settings according to your own devices.

Step 4: Start ripping rental Blu-ray movies to Apple device by clicking on the "Convert" button.

Once the conversion completed, transfer the result MP4 video file to your iPad, iPhone, iPod & Apple TV where you want to enjoy it.

How to Install multi-track player and watch multi-track video on Apple Devices

1. Type in the keyword “multitrack player” in Apple Store, many free or charged apps would show up, choose one and install it.

2. Open iTunes, and add created multi-track MP4 movie to this multi-track player.

3. Open this multi-track player, open the source multi-track MP4, and choose wanted language during movie playback.

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