Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pavtube Cyber Monday Hot Deals Are Live with two Days Only!

Cyber Monday deals are here at Pavtube, now upload your sports photos to win any BD/DVD/Video Converter with 50% off. Read on for the best Pavtube Cyber Monday Specials has to offer.  
Some of us simply aren't brave enough to face the Black Friday hordes, that doesn't mean stay-at-home shoppers aren't still looking for a bargain: Cyber Monday is upon us, and there are deals aplenty. If you skipped this weekend's brick-and-mortar discounts, read on to see Cyber Monday Deals 2013. With so many ads posted all over online and offline, are you tried of waiting in front of stores or browsing the Cyber Mondy ads? Now take a look at Pavtube Cyber Monday Specials!

Are you a photography lover? Now upload your favorite sports photos to win any Pavtube Blu-ray/DVD/Video Converting programs with 50% off on Cyber Monday. Only two days!!! Never miss!!!

Do you play any sport? Or are your kids part of a team?

Upload your kid's team photo (or yours!) for the most unforgettable moment of 2013.

Photos with most appealing content as well as title (as short explanation of the photo) will have the chance to win any Pavtube product (BD/DVD Ripper and video converter series) with 50% off! And these photos will be shared on our Facebook~

Upload photo to faq@pavtube.com via www.wetransfer.com

It will be expired on 3-Dec,2013

Come on! Click here: https://www.facebook.com/pavtubefans/posts/661087180602388

From: http://lovecamcorder.tumblr.com/post/68884178688/cyber-monday-deals-sales-from-pavtube-share-photos

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