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Putting and playing VOB videos on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft and the successor to the Xbox. As the fans of Xbox 360, you may have a bunch of VOB files stored in your PC either decrypted from commercial DVDs.  Have you ever came across the problem that you could not play back some VOB files with your Xbox 360? Well, if it did happen to you, this guide may help you to solve that kind of problem easily. Read >> Xbox 360 Column

When you try to play VOB files on Xbox 360, you'll find it's very difficult to do the job. In fact, VOB, which is usually used for storing DVD-Video media, is not supported by Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 supports videos in Windows Media Video (WMV) format (including high-definition and PlaysForSure videos), as well as H.264 and MPEG-4 media. So, If you really want to watch single VOB files on Xbox, you have to convert VOB to Xbox 360 compatible video formats first. 

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In order to successfully play various videos, music and movies on Xbox 360(like DVD, ISO image file, DVD Folder, H.265/HEVC, WMV, Tivo, MP4, MPG, VOB, MOV, FLV, NUT, H.264, NSV, MKV etc. videos and AC3, AAC, WMA, WAV, MP3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, M4B, M4R, MP2, MPA etc. audio files.), a widely used solution is to convert them to Xbox 360 recognized formats. Here, we strongly recommend Pavtube Xbox 360 Video Converter Ultimate to help you convert all video and audio files (include DVD VOB Files) to Xbox 360 and play HD videos on Xbox 360 without worrying about the media incompatibility problem anymore. It will save you all the trouble. 

If you want to change the video format from VOB to MP4 for convenient playback on Quicktime, Xbox 360, Zune, PS3 and more devices. This is a very easy-to-use video to Xbox 360 converting program which comes with flawless video quality and quick conversion speed. You can reach the Mac version here: iMedia Converter for Mac. Now follow this article; you will learn how to accomplish this easily within a few clicks. 

Free download VOB to Xbox Converter:


Other Download:

- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-video-converter-ultimate/
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-Video-Converter-Ultimate/3000-2194_4-75938564.html
Tutorials on Converting VOB files to Xbox 360 friendly format

1st - Load VOB files to this VOB to Xbox 360 Converter. Download the Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, install and run the program, add videos.You can choose to import videos or the entire folder by clicking the top left two icons.

2nd - Choose a proper format for Xbox 360. Click "Format" drop-down list and choose " Zune/Xbox 360 Device >> Xbox 360 Video - Windows Media Video(*.wmv)" as the compatible MP4 preset with best video quality.

3rd - Customize video specs for Xbox 360 (Optional). For people who want to further customizing output video size and quality, you can click “Settings” on the bottom to enter Profile Settings Window, and customize video size, frame rate, bitrate, codec and sample rate(Hz). In general, the higher bit rate, the bigger output file size.

4th -Start VOB to Xbox 360 Conversion.You can hit the big red "Convert" to start converting VOB to MP4 with best video settings for Xbox 360. After the conversion, click "Open output folder" in the conversion window, or "Open" in main interface to quick locate the converted video. 

Stream converted VOB files to Xbox 360 on Windows and Mac 
After the conversion is done, simply click "Open Folder" button to get the converted videos instantly. It's time to steam the converted VOB file to your Xbox to enjoy it.

For Windows users: there are four ways to share the converted files to Xbox 360: Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server and Zune Software. Pluck just Windows Media Player 12 as an example. (Note: this method only applies to Windows Media Player 12 (Windows 7) or 11 (Windows Vista))

Click the "Stream" menu of Windows Media Player and then select "Turn on media streaming";

Click "Turn on media streaming" in the pop-up dialog;

Name your media library and click "OK". 

Warning - In this way, you can get MKV, AVI, M2TS, MPG, WMV, M4V, Tivo etc specifically DVD VOB files playable on Xbox 360 without problems. We hope this short article will bring some new multimedia life to your Xbox 360 console. 

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