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Store 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD to Hard Drive to Get Rid of Discs

Whether you have home-made Blu-ray and DVD discs that you’d like to preserve or the 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD movies, it’s worth your time to make sure that your Blu-ray and DVD collections don’t become scratched, lost, stolen or otherwise useless, and it is also necessary to manage and get rid of your discs collections for watching more convenient and clearing more physical space. Here I will take 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray and DVD movies as example to show you how to store 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD discs to Hard Drive to get rid of discs.

2016 Oscar FILM EDITING Nomination Movies:

The Big Short

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Revenant


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

How to Store 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD to Hard Drive:

Here, you gonna need a powerful Blu-ray/DVD backing up program, Pavtube ByteCopy is definitely your firstly choice, which provides you with four different ways to backup your 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD movies to meet your all kinds of playback requirements.

Why you choose Pavtube ByteCopy:

1.No more needs to take care of the dummy physical disks.

This is much more important if you own a large Blu-ray collection. The physical disks can be easily scratched, damaged, broken, theft or lost especially if you already have kids at home. Also the Blu-ray and DVD discs take up a lot of spaces that difficult to clean.

2. 1:1 Disc Copy with protection removed.

A commercial Blu-ray/DVD disc is always protected by all kinds of encryptions from film studio and publisher. Here by using Pavtube ByteCopy, you can easily rip off the encryption, then backup a 1:1 Blu-ray/DVD folder that is exactly the same as original. It works with both purchases and rentals so you can free exchange discs with family members.

3. Various output presets.

Pavtube ByteCopy supports converting Blu-ray/DVD to virtually any popular video and audio format so that you can freely watch movies on Apple iOS devices, Android OS devices, Windows RT/Pro devices, HDTV, 3D TVs, PSP, PS4, Plex, WDTV Live, Roku 3 and more devices. In recent update, ByteCopy can support ripping Blu-ray/DVD movie to H.265/HEVC MP4 with better video quality compared to H.264 MP4 in same profile presets

4. Lossless/uncompressed MKV option and multiple soft audio tracks & subtitles.

ByteCopy offers a lossless MKV option in output list, which means you’ll get a real uncompressed MKV file without any quality loss on big screen. It also offers multi-track MP4/MOV/AVI presets with multiple audio streams and removable subtitles, so you can free switch, turn on/off during playback.

5. Additional editing functions

This multi-track Blu-ray/DVD converter can be considered as a user-friendly movie editing tool with the professional functions to trim, crop, merge, insert subtitles, export srt/ass/ssa subtitles, add video effects in the target movie.

Four Ways to Rip 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD to Hard Drive:

1. Full copy 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD discs:

If you want your backup 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD discs are as the same as the original Blu-ray/DVD disc in quality and size, it is idea for you to choose this backup option, which also ensures you to preserve all the subtitle tracks and audio streams. It can keep 5.1 and 7.1 sound for you if your Blu-ray/DVD discs have 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound.

2. Backup 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD main title:

This backup solution only select the main title of your Blu-ray/DVD without tedious and boring ads, tidbits. You can save 100% intact M2TS/VOB main movie from your Blu-ray/DVD without any quality loss. The biggest merits of this backup option can be summarized into two categories: time-saving and space-conserving.

3. Backup 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD into digital file format

The method allows you to rip 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD into common digital file format or device preset file formats. In this case, you can store the converted movies to your hard drive for further play on your portable devices or media players.

4. Lossless Backup 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD to Multi-track MKV format

There are so many advantages for you to backup 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD into lossless multi-track MKV format, which ensures a no quality loss backup with all the chapter markers, multiple audio streams and subtitle tracks.

Free download and install:

Other Download:
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- Cnet Download:

Steps to Backup 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD to Hard Drive in Four Ways

Step 1. Load 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD

Insert Blu-ray into disc drive. Launch ByteCopy, click "Load Disc" button to browse to disc drive and import source movie into this app.

Step 2: Copy 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD discs in different ways

1. Make a full disc copy:

By hitting the  icon on the top tool bar of the main interface to make a full disc copy.

2. Backup main contents of disc

From "Format" bar, select "Copy" > "Direct Copy" to copy the main movie of the Blu-ray disc.

3. Backup to device compatible popular file formats:

Click "Format" bar to select "HD Video" > "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" or other optimized formats for your final devices to store on hard drive. So that you can transfer the converted videos from hard drive to any media players or portable devices for playing freely.

4. Lossless Backup to multi-track MKV format

Output "Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV" format to help preserve the chapter markers, audio streams, subtitle tracks in original Blu-ray/DVD source file.

Step 3: Start to convert

Press right-bottom "Convert" button on the main interface to start 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD discs backup process.

Now, you can store your 2016 Oscar “FILM EDITING” Blu-ray/DVD to hard drive for protecting, managing, getting rid of your 2016 Oscar Blu-ray/DVD discs.

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