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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The main reasons for purchasing DVD copying & ripping software

One may never know his plain needs to the full until being illustrated with the real benefits or the necessity. For Android and iOS mobile users, one of the most dangerous things is watching online videos, not only because they are planted with ads, but also for the possibility that there are some extra compulsory charging and potential threats to PCs.

Accordingly, to play movies offline and sort out DVD collection, some people may be seeking for the best DVD rippers to rip DVD on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, etc. The process of transferring content from a DVD to your computer’s hard drive is called "coping" or “ripping”. And DVD coping & ripping software allows you to rip and copy your hard disks for personal use with ease. But many people may be curious on the exact advantages of them. Why do people purchase DVD coping & ripping software? Here are three main reasons that will answer you.

For security purpose:

Bad things sometimes happen even we are very careful. May be stolen by theft or be scratched by objects or just can not find where it is. Sometimes, you lend them to friends and during this process, may be some of them been lost. DVD rippers provide a means of protection for your movie library. These applications make high-quality copies of your DVD movies onto hard disk in minutes.

For portability purpose:

Another purpose for purchasing DVD copy software is that it makes movie portable. DVD Rippers have the ability to convert your DVD movies into a format that’s supported on a number of devices. Then it will be possible to watch your DVD movies on devices such as tablets, smartphones and other devices that don’t have an optical drive.

For simplicity:

DVDs are easy to use and easy to store. And blank DVDs are cheap. With small investment and little time engaged, your DVD collection can be safe for years.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Convert DVD to Digital Copy in Windows/Mac

Description: This guide introduces how to convert DVD disc, folder, IFO/ISO to Digital Copy, so that you can watch dvd movies on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, PSP and more or even share them online at any time.

If you have a large collection of DVD movies, it’s a good idea to make a digital copy of DVD so as to backup them in digital format in case your discs get damaged or destroyed; you can freely enjoy your favourite DVDs without loading DVD disc, isn’t it fantastic?

How to convert DVD to digital copy? To get the answer, just read on to learn how to make a digital copy in video formats of DVD.

At first, the most important thing is to backup dvd into a most common format which could be accepted by most of your devices. After many trials, I prefer to save them into MP4 format as it’s widely supported by my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and Samsung Smart TV.

To rip DVD into MP4 format with best quality, I recommend Pavtube DVDAID as it’s capable of ripping/converting just about every title that I own; it’s easy of use and choices for decode/encode to all popular formats. The Mac version is Pavtube DVDAID for Mac.

Now I'm glad to announce that here comes Hailey's 22th birthday, who is a warm and generous girl works for Pavtube Studio.

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How to convert DVDs to digital videos with Pavtube DVD Ripper

Step 1. Launch Pavtube DVD Ripper; import disc

Inset your DVD to computer; Then hit “load disc” to import the discs. You can also drag and drop Blu-ray/DVD folder, ISO/IFO files to it directly. Note that you shall keep Internet connected during this period.

Step 2. Choose format

Hit “Format” drop-down list and choose “HD Video> H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” as the most widely used format for playback on smartphones, tablets and HDTV, or choose the optimized preset for your device. If you want to play DVD with Windows Media Player, you can choose WMV as the output format.


Step 3. Adjust output settings (Optional)

You can click “Settings” (besides “Format”) to change target video size, bitrate, frame rate and other specs. Change the size to “Original” to get full size picture that can be playback on TV clearly. And the higher bitrate you choose, the better video quality will be.

Step 4. Star conversion

Back to the main interface and hit the “Convert” to start converting DVD to HD MP4; this converter will start all the tasks in batch. Wait for a while till the conversion completed; click “Open output folder” to quick locate the converted files. Now start trasferring your DVD movies for playback and sharing.

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